Dr. Sahil Patel

Vein Doctor

English, Gujarati, Hindi
  • Rutgers University School of Medicine

Dr. Sahil Patel is a board-certified physician with expertise in vascular medicine and venous disease. He completed extensive training at Carepoint Health, where he earned the position of chief resident. Dr. Patel is dedicated to delivering exemplary patient care; he prides himself on building strong relationships with his patients and works diligently with them to create individualized treatment plans to optimize results. He utilizes the latest industry equipment and technology to deliver care for each individual.

Areas of expertise

  • Venous Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
  • Gastroenterology

Extensive experience

Education and research is vital to Dr. Patel, as he frequently conducts educational presentations and has published in national journals. He enjoys a collaborative, academic approach and was awarded “Teaching Resident of the Year” during his first year of residency.

Training & recognition

Dr. Patel was born, raised, and completed all of his training in New Jersey. He attended the Rutgers University School of Medicine. Dr. Patel led his residency program at the height of the COVID pandemic during which he held a crucial administrative leadership role to secure life-saving equipment and implement the most up-to-date treatments. Due to the critical nature of the pandemic, Dr. Patel gained vast experience in ultrasound- guided interventional procedures. In addition, Dr. Patel also has multiple years of Gastroenterology training during which he has completed numerous endoscopies, colonoscopies, and enteroscopies.

Dr. Patel is a compassionate and committed physician who is looking forward to meeting you in the Princeton and “Freehold/Woodbridge” locations.