Accessibility Statement

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Website Accessibility, Nondiscrimination and Government Compliance with ADA Policies

Accessibility: We continue to work on improving the accessibility of content on the website.
Below, you’ll find a few recommendations to help make the browsing experience more accessible if you desire visual, audio, or navigational assistance.

For the Visually Impaired: If you have trouble seeing web sites and the content therein, the U.S. Social Security Administration offers tips for optimizing your computer and browser to
improve your experience:

Audio Assistance – Closed Captioning for videos or audio files: Closed captioning provides
a transcript for the audio track of a video presentation that is synchronized with the video and
audio tracks. Captions are generally visually displayed over the video, which benefits people
who are deaf and hard of hearing and anyone who cannot hear the audio due to noisy
environments. Most of our video content is hosted on YouTube and includes captions. Learn
how to turn captioning on and off in YouTube.

Audio Assistance – Volume Controls: Your computer, tablet, or mobile device has volume
control features. Each video and audio service has its own additional volume controls. Try
adjusting both your device’s volume controls and your media players’ volume controls to
optimize your listening experience.

Keyboard and Mouse Alternatives: If you are looking for mouse and keyboard alternatives,
speech recognition software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking may help you navigate Web
pages and online services. This software allows the user to move focus around a Web page or
application screen through voice controls.

Additional Assistance: If the recommendations above do not meet your needs, we invite you
to contact us for assistance by calling our practice at the phone number listed on our website.